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48% of U.S. Consumers Would Change Buying Habits to Reduce Environmental Impacts

U.S. consumers are increasingly concerned about the ethics, sustainability, and origins of the products they buy. In fact, 48% of U.S. buyers would “probably” or “definitely” alter their buying habits in order to reduce environmental impact according to a recent Nielsen survey.

The tech-savvy millennial generation is more than twice as likely to make this switch, with 74% agreeing compared to only 34% of baby boomers. According to these statistics, millennials are similarly inclined to buy organic products, items containing sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients, and brands that commit to social responsibility.

Consumer Expectations for Sustainability

More than ever before, consumers are focusing on various aspects of product sustainability, including both environmental and social impact. In recent years, this trend has swayed many companies to rethink the packaging used for everyday items — such as single-use plastic water bottles — trading old methods for recyclable plastics, cardboard, and even biodegradable materials made from mushrooms and sawdust.

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